Chartes des 3 écoles partenaires


Charte de l'école de Roumanie

  • Minden iskolatársunk felé nyitni kell!
  • We have to be friendly with our schoolmates!
  • Nous devons être ouverts à tous nos camarades !
  • Trebuie să fim deschiși față de toți colegii nostri!
  • Tartsunk tiszteletben másokat, és ne ítélkezzünk fölöttük!
  • We have to respect others and we must not judge them!
  • Nous devons respecter les autres et nous ne devons pas les juger !
  •  Trebuie să-i respectăm pe alții, să nu îi judecăm !
  • Felelősségteljesen bánjunk szavainkkal!
  • Speak with responsability!
  • Nous devons nous exprimer avec responsabilité !
  • Trebuie să ne folosim cuvintele cu responsabilitate!
  • Hallgassuk meg mindenki véleményét!
  • Listen to everyone’s opinion!
  • Nous devons écouter les opinions de chacun !
  • Tebuie să-i ascultăm pe toți !
  • Becsüljük egymást!
  • Appreciate each other!
  • Nous devons nous respecter les uns et les autres !
  • Să ne respectăm unii pe alții !
  • Minden ember értékes, fogadjuk el egymást!
  • Everybody is precious/valuable, we have to accept each other!
  • Toutes les personnes sont précieuses, il faut que nous nous acceptions les uns les autres !
  • Toți suntem valoroși, trebuie să ne acceptăm ca atare !
  • Segíts a nálad gyengébbeknek!
  • Help those who are weaker than you!
  • Aidez les plus faibles!
  • Trebuie să-i ajutăm pe cei care sunt mai slabi ca noi!
  • Legyünk mások támasza a nehéz időkben!
  • Stand by others in hard times!
  • Nous devons nous soutenir lors des moments difficiles !
  • Trebuie să ne sprijinim unii pe alții!
  • Ne közösítsd ki és ne akard megváltoztatni azt, aki különbözik tőled!
  • Don’t push people away and don’t try to change those who are different from you!
  • Ne rejetez pas les autres et n’essayez pas de changer ceux qui sont différents de vous !
  • Nu trebuie să-i proscriem și să încercăm să-i schimbăm pe cei care sunt diferiți de noi!
  • A hátrányos helyzetet a közösség befolyásolja, nem éreztethetjük senkivel, hogy különböző!
  • Being disadvantageous is influenced by the community, we cannot make anybody feel that they are different!
  • La communauté a des repercussions sur les plus défavorisés, nous ne devons pas laisser paraître/sentir que quelgu’un est différent!
  • Situația dezavantajantă este influențată de societate, să nu lăsăm pe nimeni să se simtă diferit de noi!


Mise en scène des slams


Today's world (slam écrit par Kis Mark, un élève de Roumanie)


Racism (slam écrit par un élève français)



Slams rédigés par les élèves de Roumanie 

I don't really know who I am.

Or how am I supposed to be myself

 when I don't feel at home.

I know  they see it,

They see that I feel like I belong

Somewhere else.

They can’t see the real me, I’m

Constantly hiding

Is it my mission to change this?


Is it all in my head? No, but my

choices are.

 I may be able to change their

vision, the way they look at me..

even though that might take a

 lifetime. What if I change my own

thoughts? My whole world

 changes with them.

 But it's the same every I

going crazy?

 I don't even know.

Maybe the only thing that I need

is a tough decision.

-Kinda Agota



He and she is not the same

 And it's been cool and burns the flame.

We are all different

And sometimes we fail.

They are making distination

And what they say

With unequal chances.

We will not previal

Talk with prijudice

Meet with conviction.

This actually doesn't matter

 Live your life, make it better

.---Fulop Barbara


Today's world

Black streets, black houses

Black is all here, the branches

are black

 Everything is dark: sky, clouds

People are dark, the living are


 Smells in the air smoke

And in the forests garbage

 Waste in water, river

Waste the streets a lot

 The smoke of the chimneys

pollutes the air

Humans pollute grass and trees

 This was the world in the 21st century

This can not be the case for us

all this century

Kis Mark—



Be yourself! Show your style!

Love the girl you really are!

nice but lies

You can have a dream

            Little M. L. King

Or you can Imagine

            Lennon thought it’s magic

Or you can wake up and stop pretending.

Be yourself! (if that’s what’s expected)

Show your style! (if they accept it)

Love who you are - that’s the key?


Orwell put down in words the curse:

everybody’s equal - some are more than others

minority problems, bad grades,

satirizing, no ‘hey’s

And you choose the easier path

Why aren’t you brave enough?


Slams rédigés par les élèves de France

A perfect life

I want a perfect world without inequalities

A world where people were not victims of sexism

A world where the civilians did not submit to racism

A world where people would not be hindered by their disabilities


I want a perfect nation without differences

A nation where every religion was equal : Muslims, Christians, Jewish

A nation where choices were not influenced by the wealth poor or rich

A nation where men and women were not judged for their appearances


I want a perfect county without bullying

A county where nobody was hassled

A county where bullies would feel ashamed

A county where the identity of each people was respecting


I want a perfect city without contempt

A city where everybody could be what they want

A city where calling names every one should prevent

A city where persons can do anything, at least, attempt


We just want a perfect life


Don't fight

Don't fight because you have a black or white skin

Dont judge people by their appearance

Let's people have a second chance 

Racism must go to the bin.


I'm wearing a dress 

I have make up on my face 

But a man in the street 

Says out loud : "you are a shit, silly twit !"


Love is love and love yourself

A girl or a boy, it's the same

You love a human, it's not a shame.

Live on ! And be yourself !


If you are lesbian,

If you are a man or a woman,

If you are white or black,

If you are slim or fat,


When you are dead, you will be the same as everybody else.




Ilana, Manon, Fanny et Lou Noémie


Don't judge 

Who has never been judged people with red haired ?
Have you already make fun of person overweight ?
Do you think that one person can be considered seriously ?
These questions are useless we are humans!

Are you shocked wenn you saw a black doctor ?
Did you more confidence a white person than black person ?
Do you think a black person are different ?
These questions are useless we are humans!

Is a muslim is always arabic ?
Did you look disregard a woman with headscarf ?
Do you judge a man with a Kippa ?
These questions are useless we are humans!

Two men who kiss, are you shocked ?
Who has never seen wage gap between different sex ?
Do you judge a man who love a other man ?
These questions are useless we are humans!


I want a world without inequality
I want all people to be free
I want more people like Rosa, Obama, Mandela

I want a world where colors are not important
I want the world to live in peace
I want to see liberty into your eyes

I think our origins is our identity
I think that all people are unique
I think that we must respect each other
I think that our little diffenrence makr the people what we are

To finish, there are not enough people who are against racism
To conclue, a lot of person have good ideas but do,t share them
Finally, don,t judge and learn to know
Therefore, we are not that different

Racial bias


Racial bias is very present,

Brown skin, yellow skin, white skin.

For the victim, this is not a present,

Brown skin, yellow skin, white skin.


Martin Luther King, Rosa and Mandella,

They defended liberty, and  equality.

It is an important thing, don’t forget this.

For continue like this, we can hear Obama.


Do you think it is normal ?

No this is not normal !

Many people are bullied,

Many people are wounded.


We must stop racial bias.

Brown skin, yellow skin, white skin,

Don’t judge people by their appearence.

Brown skin, yellow skin, white skin.


To this day


In her childhood,

She was hassled because of a scar on her face,

Her classmates teased and bombarded her with spits bombs,

She felt so lonely.


To this day,

Despite a loving husband she doesn't think she's beautiful,

She is always been saddened by what happened to her,

She's marked by her past.


In his childhood,

He was teased because he was an orphan,

Because his parents opted for a different destiny,

The other children saw him like a Geek and make fun of him.


To this day,

He is still a socially unskilled person,

He started therapy to forget this abandonment,

And he holds a grudge against his parents.


Slams rédigés par les élèves de Hongrie


There is so much time to rest

yet, I still can't take it.

There is so much to study

and so little that I actually care about.

The things I could use in my life

never get teached.

The things I won't ever use

always get teached.

There are teachers who still care

and there are ones who never do.

I would love to learn more about poetry

but we only learn 'bout history.

Anna Sztyehlik

Az embereknek könnyebb szokott lenni az általános iskola. Nekem nem. Gyűlöltem.
És itt vagyok most. Túl a lázadáson. Túl sok csúfoláson, verekedésen.
Az osztályom lett a második családom. Hazudnék azzal ha azt mondanám minden rendben. De minden rendben. Mert itt vannak a barátaim. Mintha a testvéreim lennének...
Ha sírok vígasztalnak, ha nevetek velem nevetnek.
Ha valakit nem szeretünk együtt szídjuk.
Ha valami nem jön össze segítenek.
Dolgozat, vizsga, szerelmi bánat? ... Minegy ők akkor is ott vannak. Ha kell, ha nem.
Miért nem tanultál? Miért nem készültel az órákra?
Ezeket tudják és megértik. És ha másért nem is. Értük megéri a középiskola. A második családomért.

Borbála Dóra Sass


Ma reggel is úgy indulok el,  hogy még ezt a kávét megiszom, meg amúgy is elkések nem sietek én sehova.

Lassan ballagok be, a matek szelleme már most fojtogat, ez a nap semmi jót nem tartogat 


Mert a számok halmaza csak katyvasz és ha tíz év múlva le megyek a boltba nem fogom azt mondani hogy légyszi legyen kétszer szinusz x a másodikon deka

És az eladó nem kérdezz vissza hogy több lett, maradhat?

Ez a bunkó is megint hülyének néz felelés közben csak tudnám mivel érdemeltem ki a címeres kretén szerepét 

A töriért meg pont nem vagyok oda

Meg vissza.

Kettes, üljön le.

Nem töröm magam rajta, csak legyen vége ennek az órának, már izzadok.

Hát nem tudod? Mit csináltál tegnap? Miért nem tanultál?

És elindul a kamu vonat: Tudja tanár úr, a macskám egész éjjel hányt, meg hát a szembe szomszédnál buli volt így a hangos zenétől nem tudtam koncentrálni semmire!

Az más kérdés hogy hajnalig én voltam a tánc parkett ördöge.

Ez a gyerek semmire se viszi

Reménytelen eset,

Ezerszer hallottam már, nem vagyok süket csak ők vakok rá talán, hogy a szememben szikrázik a szó és az értelem

A hátsó padok réme kinyitja zöld szemét, piros szájával szól, enyém a végtelen.

Adrienn Katona

Souvenirs d’écoles des élèves du lycée réformé de Pápa


Le pire souvenir d’école pour moi est un voyage scolaire. J’allais en 5ème quand on a fait un voyage en Slovaquie, Haute Hongrie où nous avons eu une classe jumelée. Comme il s’agissait d’un voyage subventionné par l’État, nous avons eu l’obligation d’y présenter un programme culturel. Chacun a eu un petit rôle. Ma copine et moi, nous devions chanter des chansons en duo. On a fait des répétitions, ça allait bien mais le jour du départ ma copine a été hôspitalisée.

Les deux premiers jours de notre voyage étaient super. Mais le soir on a eu la répétition finale. J’ai toujours le trac aux spectacles, j’avais jamais chanté toute seule, c’est pour cela que j’avais refusé de chanter. Notre proviseur et quelques-uns de nos professeurs m’ont beaucoup grondée. Heureusement, mon prof d’histoire et mon ancienne maitresse étaient aussi présents, et ils m’ont consolée. Mais encore aujourd’hui quand je pense à cette histoire, c’est un sentiment négatif qui me saisit.

Tout a commencé en CM2 quand plusieurs de mes camarades ont changé d’école et il y en avait plusieurs nouveaux qui y sont arrivés. Dès le premier moment, j’étais leur cible. Mes résultats scolaires étaient assez bons. Mes parents ne me stressaient pas pour les notes mais ils attendaient quand même que je sois travailleuse. Les nouveaux camarades me considéraient comme intello, ils se moquaient tout le temps de moi, comme ça, après quelques semaines j’ai pensé qu’être travailleuse c’est la honte. Je me sentais entre deux murs et si je m’approche de l’un, l’autre va s’écrouler sur moi.

Je ne savais pas quoi faire. Mes résultats étaient vraiment de pire en pire, mais ils ont retrouvé un autre domaine pour me bizuter pour mon physique.

Même si j’avais des amis, mes relations avec mes parents étaient correctes je ne pouvais pas discuter de ces problèmes avec eux.

J’ai perdu une dizaine de kilos, alors ils m’ont dénommée le squelette de la classe. C’était le moment où j’ai pris la décision de changer d’école.

Ma nouvelle classe était très accueillante et ouverte. Ils m’ont beaucoup aidée. Ma confiance en moi ne sera jamais comme avant, ni mon état d’esprit ni mon optimisme mais c’est gâce à ma nouvelle classe que j’ai réussi à m'en sortir.

Iskolabánat/School blues


Andrea Sipos I think the "Schoolblues" gives a realistic picture of a difficult walk of life. The reader gets insight into a bad student's school days. The main character was suffering so much because of the judgements. I think nothing is worse than being undervalued by your parents and your teachers. But, as they say, difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. The boy motivated himself until he became successful. The author made a good job, I think this book can give hope to every bad student.


Bonda Bogi The "Schoolblues" book written by Daniel Pennac discusses the reasons of misdemeanor in an unapprehended children's life, the "excuse" of laziness and the social underdevelopments started from these. It is  quite an  unordinary book, because of the point of view represented in it. The school and the system of it are presented not from the point of view of a good student, but a complete jerk, who is judged by his experiences and his past. On the whole, the reader gets a comprehensive insight into the boy's daily life and his feelings.
In my personal opinion, the rotation of the past and the present, as well as the interchange of student and teacher, give a unique frame to the story. While the situation is not only introduced, but the right way is tried to be shown as well, the reader finds out that despite of the intelligent family, even writing can be hard for the child sometimes. The one and only explanation of it given by the boy is the fact, he fell into a bin in Djibouti when he was 6 years old.
It seems to be an interesting novel just by after the first few pages. So I am sure that it will give an exciting reading experience to me.


Eszter Kacso Daniel Pennac: School blues
Recently  I have got insight into Daniel Pennac's novel.
First I felt fear because of this book. But now, after  I had read a bit from "School Blues", I think positively about it. This book presents all of the fears and expectations which come up in student’s mind, when they think about school or when they learn. We get to know  a bad student, who learns with difficulty. He gets bad marks, his teachers and parents are not satisfied with his achievement.
For me this book is very entertaining and exciting. I am very glad that I can read "School blues". Sometimes everybody feels that the lessons are so difficult, that we could never learn them. It is shooting that I am not the only one with these problems.


Fanni Tamas The “Schoolblues” book is about a teacher , his school days and his learning mode. The first thirty pages show to the reader the author’s feelings and thinking about the school’s curriculum and recovery ways.
The readers get a little bit insight into the narrator’s life. He tells that he wants to write a book about his experiences. His parents are not satisfied with his achievements. He is disappointed because of school and in life, he makes a clean breast of it.
From my point of view, this book shows everybody, that “ Nobody knows what they are able to do.” I am proud of the author, he can speak honestly about of his breakdown and social image.


Andrea Kovacs The "Schoolblues" book realistically shows how does a bad student feel at school. I have never thought about that a bad student has such various problems. He has to fight with teachers, classmates, parents and sometimes even with himself. Every day is a battle for him. First it was strange for me to have an insight in his school-days. But then I understood him. I became a bit angry because he was judged by his ability of remembrance, it didn't matter that he was kind and helpful. When I found out that he became a teacher I was very proud. He achieved his dream in spite of the judgements.


Fulop Barbara- The "School blues", written by Daniel Pennac, shows a real picture about the "bad student’s " life. The writer was a bad student, so he  presents  the student’s and their environment's feelings with extraordinary details, in their head, and heart  inner processes were going on. I have never thought,  what “ the bad, silly students” parents feel. But in this book we can see  a student's life can change by the school imprinted stamp.  The question:  Is this correct?" came into my mind.

Illes Boglarka

"School Blues" is a really interesting and inspiring reading about human morals and values. It shows the ups and downs of the student life and we get insight into what is like to be that "bad student". For me the main character is a really loveable and simple person which I can easily identify with. This book is also proof that you don't need to get good grades in school to be successful in life or to become a great person. All you need is gumption and a little playfulness. 


Recueil des textes par les élèves français, Chagrin d'école


Traduction en anglais par Fanny Lavenas

Illustré par les élèves du lycée réformé de Pápa




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